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Originally posted by NightShade737
I am talking about a real Amiga btw, not Emulated.

Alright, so does anyone know if its possible to convert the filesystem without losing everything or am I stuck?
So am I, isn't my A4000/060/50 128Mb/PicassoIV with 40Gig of SFS partitions real enough for you?

no you can't convert the filesystem
you need to set it up in hdtoolbox - reset - bye bye previous partition
but if you can empty one partition into the others, that should at least get you started so you don't have to sacrifice too much...

if you use something like Diavolo to backup you shouldn't lose anything

but it depends on your setup, how big your harddrive is, how many partitions, how much you have jammed on them, whether it's already compressed etc...
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