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Originally posted by Paul
I must admit this demo is plain dull and boring

I used it to test winuae to see how it's improving with each release.
LOL, the vast majority of that demo is pure animation (passing itself off as real coding) which is why it so upset the majority of coders at the time, who were mostly concentrating on pushing the vector envelope and were decidedly disgruntled that a souped-up demo that wouldn't have looked out of place in 1989 was so crowd-pleasing.

One thing that's worth noting about Jesus on E's is that, whether you were a fan of the "rave" genre of music (judging from the comments, most here were not) Jesus on E's had the most authentic soundtrack along those lines of any demo on the Amiga. Stuff was properly sequenced, no nanosecond gaps between each break, clever segueing of the different modules... whoever composed it took extreme care over it.

Whoever coded it, on the other hand, went for the "means to an end" approach but considering it's still so celebrated to this day, clearly it was the right approach to take.

A very British thing, though. For teenage Amiga owners in 1992 it was technically poor but cosmetically excellent.

Shame to think that the composer is now listening to country and western classics in Texas!
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