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Which pad do you use? It's known that some whdload patches can cause troubles with specific pads. Will try it on my A1200 later. Seems that the patch was written for full CD32 button mapping.

edit: So some testing done.

CD32 Honeybee, Original Sega 6-Button, SNES pad via Rys MK II USB adapter = no problems switching the weapons.
Tecno Plus TP 511 pad = get the issues you've described above. Pressing button 2 freezes the game and you have to press button 1 again. This TP 511 is a Sega Master System compatible pad, 3 buttons but only 2 are independent fire buttons.


@all WHDLoad patcher. It's annoying to have CD32 pad controls but no jump button. Please add this too. I know, there was something complex with the ladder use + jump button code.

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