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A couple more problems discovered, both related to Chuck Rock 2:

1) The intro doesn't work properly. The moment it starts (either a few milliseconds into the start or straight away) some yellow jagged lines appear around the border areas surrounding the screen, and the screen itself freezes. The narrator voice carries on for a very short time before that adopts the "stuck-record" stance - "...sters to Chuck Rock 2.....sters to Chuck Rock 2..." ad infinitum. If I skip the intro immediately after initial loading however, I can get to the game itself without probs.

2) That pesky "blue button-dual action" control bug is in this game too. But it appears that the pause thing occurs practically every time you press the blue button this time. I'm pretty sure in the games I mentioned above there were at least moments when it would just do the jump/shoot function and not pause.

Not sure if it has anything to do with the way I burnt the game to CD (though these probs occured with the image-attached-to-virtual-drive approach as well) - I got the title off, installed CDRWin, corrected the provided CUE slightly (it duplicated the "Track 12" piece near the bottom) and used this modified CUE with CDRWin to burn. But then again, I may just be getting too worked up about the burning methods.
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