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Thumbs up WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 9 WIP (17.08.2003)

Bugs fixed

- compiler misoptimization of some rare instructions
(affected 0.8.22R8 only, usually caused GURUs)
- bsdsocket emulation (connection freeze, IRCD, AmyGate etc..)
- NTSC vsync sound
- Windows 2K/XP CD detection problems in non-ASPI mode
- more compatible audio emulation
(TBL's Tint, some demos playing only noise)
- ticking/unticking 68000 "more compatible" checkbox on the fly
does not crash the emulated Amiga anymore
- AVI capture sound sync

New features:

- software 2x filters (Scale2x, SuperEagle, 2xSaI and Super2xSaI) and
manual screen position adjustment
- separate windowed and fullscreen mode width and height
- 100% exact blitter block mode cycle diagram (cycle-exact mode only)
- replaced "run at higher priority" with priority selection select box
- added CAPS support to mini-version
- automatic AVI split

coming soon ...

hmm that 2x filters will look interesting ... :-) thats sure thing ..
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