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Ok, quick status update, have installed and am having good results so far with the following:
- PFS3
- OS3.9 BB1-4
- MMULIB with MuMove4k, MuFastZero, MuProtectModules
- SaferPatches
- PoolMem
- TrueMultiAssigns
- Env-Handler

A bit more performance tuning and I think I should be at a decent baseline to begin with usability/look and feel tweaks.

I'm thinking of calling this project "Zen Workbench", or "ZenWB", or "zwb" for short. Thoughts?

Ideally if I can make this all work the way that I want I'd like to make it reusable, in a workbench pack. That's a stretch goal for now but one that I think could be cool.
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