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Originally Posted by esc View Post
So, circling back to square one, I think my goals, in order, are:
- Tune workbench 3.9 as much as possible without causing stability problems
- Increase workbench usability and functionality
- Improve workbench decorations, skinning, icons, etc
- Further tune for performance and address stability issues

Following all of this, I'll document my process from start to finish, and (depending how difficult) I may try releasing a preconfigured workbench pack. We'll see how it goes doing all of this first.

So, pointers for sane performance tuning without compromising stability, to start. Suggestions? I'm thinking:
- Executive - better mutlitask scheduling, nervous about stability, thoughts?
Are you sure? In my opinion, Executive is only recommended for multiuser systems, like the good old BBS in the 1990s. I would expect that it brings no advantages on a typical single user system. It might just cause more overhead for the multitasking.

Was there an update to the forum software recently?
I just had some problems in the message editor to scroll down to the bottom. The lower part of the window contents seemed to be distorted. I never had that before. It happened after I removed the first part of a quoted message, then the remaining text got messed up. Or is this a new Windows 15063.483 bug?

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