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Ok, thanks @AMIGASYSTEM, with the mmulib, 68060, and JIT, I now have a usable workbench with AfA OS. It looks nice - lots of eye candy, nice fonts, icons, etc., but it's not something I'd be able to use in a real Amiga, especially if I wanted to use things like AmiStart (for example).

I think I'm going to step back and readdress what my goals are:
- Something that looks great
- Something that includes excellent out-of-the-box Workbench functionality
- Something that will work well on an unexpanded A4000 (potentially A1200 depending how much we can performance tune Workbench)
- Something based on Amiga OS 3.9

So, circling back to square one, I think my goals, in order, are:
- Tune workbench 3.9 as much as possible without causing stability problems
- Increase workbench usability and functionality
- Improve workbench decorations, skinning, icons, etc
- Further tune for performance and address stability issues

Following all of this, I'll document my process from start to finish, and (depending how difficult) I may try releasing a preconfigured workbench pack. We'll see how it goes doing all of this first.

So, pointers for sane performance tuning without compromising stability, to start. Suggestions? I'm thinking:
- PFS3 file system
- Boing Bag 1&2
- Fblit - never installed this, concerned about stability, thoughts?
- FText - never installed this, concerned about stability, thoughts?
- PeterK icon.library
- SystemPatch - allegedly a big perf boost for aga chipset - nervous about stability, thoughts?
- Executive - better mutlitask scheduling, nervous about stability, thoughts?
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