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Heimdall 1 or 2 ? Which one to start with ?


I have been thinking about starting to Play Heimdall, since it looks nice and I like Action adventures and RPGs, although I have not played any isometric ones, yet. (except Darkstone, which I like a lot, but isn't really isometric)

However, I am not sure if I should start with Heimdall 1 or 2 ?
I have read that #2 is better than #1 and I also have #2 on CD for my CD32, which would give me a reason to dig the CD32 out again

Some questions:
Is ther anything that would speak against starting with #2 ? I mean, is there anything in the Story which I would not understand when playing Heimdall 2 without having played Heimdall 1 before ?
Also, is the difficulty of Heimdall 2 different from 1 ?

I remember that I tried to Play Heimdall 1 many many years ago, but was put off by the rather difficult action sequences at the beginning, which have an influence on the characters abilities.

Any recommendations would be great
Thanks a lot....
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