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I only used afaOS for skinning on my A4000 csppc 060/60 setup, runs quite fast.
Like Locutus said the anti-aliased fonts makes it slow.
Also watch out with those nice hi-color icons often used in UAE config's, they slow the system down a lot, i only use those for the disk icons.
Amistart i have never been a fan of, runs sluggish on real Amiga's.
I rather use good old tools daemon and magic menu combination, much faster and cleaner and more Amiga like in my opinion.

Normally i use:
AfaOS or Birdie for skinning windows
Visual prefs
Magic Menu
Tools daemon (needs patch to work on 3.9 bb2)
MUI 3.8
Req attack (for better looking requesters)
Peterk's icon lib (much much faster and support for OS4 Style icons)
A whole bunch of stuff i forgot.

This is my Vampire 2 A600 config below, i used a similar config on A4000 CSPPC 060/60+CVPPC back in the day also ran very smooth.
The used colors/skins could be better, but after 15 years it kinda grew on me

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