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Thank you esc For mentioning my Operating System. AFA OS In my opinion it is the best solution OS3, my system 060 is composed by OS3.9 BB-1/2/3/4 + AFA OS Which can be disabled in boot system by simply holding down the Mouse SX key. If you want to install AFA OS, HERE a HardFile already pre-installed where you only have to add OS3. If you are not familiar with the first start disables WBStartup (rename) then update to AFA OS 4.8, if you have to emulate an A4000 / 060 you also have to add the appropriate 060 libraries.

If you do not like it AFA OS you can opt for one OS3.9 BB1/2/3/4 RTG Like my old man A4000/060
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You can also install Amikit, this is my Amikit 8 060
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