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Let's make a nice workbench

Hey guys, I've always used classicwb but recently have played with other custom workbench packs and have really enjoyed the experience. That said, I haven't actually learned anything and would like to build a nice workbench from scratch, based off feedback from all of you. I'll document the process and take screenshots and videos.

I'll be honest, my main inspiration right now comes from user "AMIGASYSTEM" - [ Show youtube player ] is a great example even though that may be a bit intense for my plans, the videos he shares are pretty neat and have shown me that I've consistently underestimated the capabilities of workbench.

So here's the plan:
- Emulate an A4000
- Use PFS3 file system
- OS 3.9 basic installation with BB 1&2
- Only install sane patches, nothing "bleeding edge", but would like advice on patching and custom libs!
- Picasso96

Any advice where to go from there? What's low lift, small performance hit, but a good way to beautify workbench, and increase usability?

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