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A few more, as I'm french.

"ADI CE2 Français"
"ADI French: 12/13 Years"
"ADI French: 13/14 Years"
"ADI French: 14/15 Years"

The "CE2" classroom in France is the 3rd grade in elementary school. The first one teach you french in french, were as the three others teach you french in english so you can considered them as "foreign language teaching" applications (a field done by "FLE" teachers here, Français Langue Etrangère).

Note also this one, "Drôle D'école (5 à 7 ans)" - also known as "Fun School 4 (For 5 to 7 Year Olds)" in UK -, a multi-type game that seems to include a few elements to practice the language.
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