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Ok. I am surprised I have not seen this one..I am the resident Atari st dude in this board. I regularly suggest games on the Atari St emus if they can't work on Amiga emus.
I won't rehash what i've said about how I bought the Atari from my buddy, who jumped ship and got an Amiga.
I had an Atari mega STe w 16 mhz and a whopping 1 mb RAM!!
This machine, now dead, gave me hours of fun playing DoTC, Lemmings, Their Finest Hour , etc. superb in many respects, I always felt it was apoor man's Amiga. Most of the games were as close as possible, but many were better on my bud's Amiga. Also, towards the end of 92, I saw game production for the Atari fall off. I blame piracy, and those damn pompey pirates and Medway Boys comp disks. Its rare to find full games online anymore. i'd gladly buy a real ST , but my apartment is cramped and I need space. This IS New York, you know thats another benefit of need for space to taken up by boxes of games, for monitors, keyboards, etc.
So owning an Atari St is NOT a confessional, but a badge of pride. It blew the shit off the doors of Pc's right up till 92-93.
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