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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Back on topic please guys
Apologies Sir!

I personally try to configure my Workbench to the point where I actually can use it for productivity. I personally see Gold 3+SoftFPU and Pamela to be a bit step in that direction based on the youtubes Ive seen so far.

Im no longer much of a gamer, but rather spreadsheets, wordprocessing and the odd need to use graphics programs to insert into documents.
Granted, given the power of LibreOffice, you can question the sanity of such an attempt, but for most tasks, the current programs do what they need to do.
What they are missing is export/import filters to use them between Wintel and Amiga.

Another major area thats lacking on AOS3.x is an updated PDF, both reader and creator. LibreOffice allows you to export to PDF directly, and thats THE must feature for me thru RL work.

Much of the ackwardness of using productivity on Amiga is the fact that Ive gotten so used to Wintel GUI, so I actually have to force myself to get used to Workbench again. If you want to use the Amiga beyond benchmarking, you just have to make a decision to do so

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