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Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
Same as some people in the socalled Apollo Tribe. What they thought was just a lighthearted joke, has been taken in its worst meaning.
It is one thing to poke fun at every now and then, I have no issues with that, I pretty much have had the same kind of relations with the MorphOS developers too, but they knew perfectly well where lines of decency are, they are normal people.

And add to that the ungodly amount of hours the Apollo Team surely has sunk into this project, and you got the perfect setup for friction, espesially thru forums. Im pretty sure that if you guys had a chat on voice/in reallife, all the socalled conflict areas would have cleared up in 10-20 minutes.
No, I did spend some time doing that, hanging on IRC - again and again, but it just accumulated, the nonsense, the paranoia, the hostility, the name calling... it's like a stupid cult, and nothing Amiga like at all.
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