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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Oh no, I am so sorry I pointed that out, oh my gosh. Again you insinuate that I did it only to discredit the Apollo core? That is a pretty nutty conclusion. but sadly also quite symptomatic for many those involved in the project - paranoia runs very high.

You know very well that I cannot do that, despite having all the hardware. I left your little garden, I was fed up with reading all the crap certain key members of the team were writing about other people.
Its a two way street of sorts. I realise that some(most?) people want development in the Amiga scene, be it perfect/exact copies of the original hardware, only with new components for longivity, with maybe the addition of modern connectivity (for addons etc). And some want warp speed performance.

When reading YOUR posts kolla, its a mixed bag of signals. Given the amount of knowledge you have, you defintly are a fan of the Amiga, but you have yourself said several times that you enjoy poking fun in other people.
And what you think is funny, might provoke others and vice versa.
Same as some people in the socalled Apollo Tribe. What they thought was just a lighthearted joke, has been taken in its worst meaning.

And add to that the ungodly amount of hours the Apollo Team surely has sunk into this project, and you got the perfect setup for friction, espesially thru forums. Im pretty sure that if you guys had a chat on voice/in reallife, all the socalled conflict areas would have cleared up in 10-20 minutes.

And then there are the few that just has decided to hate on Vampire no matter what. And the few that will attack anyone saying anything critical no matter what.

In the past Ive been critical to this fact, but Ive started to understand why some more high visibility developers has removed themselves from posting on forums much. Its an excerise of pissing into the wind for the most part.
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