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Originally Posted by grond View Post
Well, you are discussing a Gold3-bringup video. Until now all Gold3-betas have no RTG functionality.
I had no idea.

I know that you are bright enough to understand the point of the video
Wow, thank you

It shows that despite the lack of an FPU the Vampire can run AGA+FPU demos (which, again, represents FPU-software in general).
Does it really? Various software use the FPU differently, and it's not as if all software that use FPU will use all the functionality of it. I cannot really think of any type of software that use _all_ functionality of an FPU, except test suits.

It was pointed out before that a soft-FPU usually is quite slow and, also, that compatibility is a priority over speed for the soft-FPU at this time.
Yes, which makes perfect sense. I have also commented a few times - imagine that it is 10 times faster.

So there is really no substance in your comment pointing out that some textures differ in different versions of the same demo.
Oh no, I am so sorry I pointed that out, oh my gosh. Again you insinuate that I did it only to discredit the Apollo core? That is a pretty nutty conclusion. but sadly also quite symptomatic for many those involved in the project - paranoia runs very high.

Maybe do that yourself. The Apollo Team did not do any comparison, the comparing was done in this thread.
You know very well that I cannot do that, despite having all the hardware. I left your little garden, I was fed up with reading all the crap certain key members of the team were writing about other people.
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