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Originally Posted by Marchie View Post
I'm a little confused (surprise surprise).

Gunnar's thread ( says they have an FPU already implemented that just needs error-testing by some who knows 68k code.

So I'm wondering why someone is implementing a soft FPU when that time could be spent finishing off the real one? (Sorry if the answer is obvious - I just would have thought the skill set that could do one task could do the other)

Personally I'm appreciative of any efforts put into FPU development, all those guys are doing a cracking job, just seeking to minimise my ignorance.
You're not the only person wondering about that. But I get the impression, and I could be wrong, that Jari Eskelinen has volunteered his services to write a softFPU to tie people over until the hardFPU is ready for placement into the FPGA. I don't think Gunnar is the one working on the softFPU so his attentions may already be focused on the hardFPU.
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