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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
The only "Insinuation" I had, was that the demo might have detected P96 on the Vampire and used different rendering technique for that.
Well, you are discussing a Gold3-bringup video. Until now all Gold3-betas have no RTG functionality. Once the AGA reimplementation is finished, some additional effort will have to be done to unite RTG and AGA.
But even if so was the case, it still runs dead slow, nothing about this comparison puts the Vampire in any good light.
I know that you are bright enough to understand the point of the video but I will explain it nonetheless. It shows that despite the lack of an FPU the Vampire can run AGA+FPU demos (which, again, represents FPU-software in general). It was pointed out before that a soft-FPU usually is quite slow and, also, that compatibility is a priority over speed for the soft-FPU at this time. So there is really no substance in your comment pointing out that some textures differ in different versions of the same demo.
For future comparisons, maybe side-by-side using the same binaries is a better approach than youtube videos that are years apart.
Maybe do that yourself. The Apollo Team did not do any comparison, the comparing was done in this thread.
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