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Well "Pointless" is certainly a subjective term and undoubtedly relevant to the benchmark users intended purpose. That being said, I seriously doubt that Vampire/68080 users really intend to show how much performance is lost with SoftFPU:
Roman S. had a very good point and almost was banned for it like Cyber Gorf was earlier in the same thread. It was "low quality and shows lack of respect for the coder" to compare the SoftFPU performance to a hardware FPU. Just another disenfranchised Amiga user to "work together to bring 68K and AMIGA back!”.

Originally Posted by SpeedGeek View Post
...and it is also quite unlikely, that they have any intention of helping you to decide whether you should or should not Vampire.
They are helping many Amiga users decide all right but others don't seem to care. Why does everything promising on the Amiga turn to shit?
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