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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
It is not pointless. Compiling with software floating point is usually going to be faster than SoftFPU but the source code is not available in many cases and the authors will not bother to recompile for a cut down CPU like the Vampire's Apollo Core or Tabor's PPC e500V2. It would be nice to know how much performance is lost with SoftFPU by benchmarking. It could help us decide whether we want to go to UAE or AROS Raspberry Pi after our 68060 hardware dies .
Well "Pointless" is certainly a subjective term and undoubtedly relevant to the benchmark users intended purpose. That being said, I seriously doubt that Vampire/68080 users really intend to show how much performance is lost with SoftFPU:

...and it is also quite unlikely, that they have any intention of helping you to decide whether you should or should not Vampire.
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