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Originally Posted by ShK View Post
With the right tooltypes AIBB starts fine with SoftFPU / femu 0.3 (10-Jul-2017) by Jari 'jarp' Eskelinen.
AIBB may start fine with the right tooltypes and SoftFPU, but it's really pointless since AIBB already provides a built in SoftFPU function and it's likely to be much more efficient than any external exception trap based implementation:

The currently available floating point code options are given
below. As indicated earlier, they will affect only tests which
utilize floating-point math in nature.

Standard Math Code
Using this option sets the code type to use software
emulation of floating point routines. This is compatible
with all Amiga systems in use, as it is not hardware

In-Line Coprocessor Code
This option sets the test code type to that which uses
faster in line FPU instructions for floating point operations.
As not all systems will have a coprocessor available, this
option is not universally available on all systems.

68040 Enhanced Math Code
For use with 68040-based systems, this option allows the
use of FPU code which is more optimized for 68040
Such processors do not have hardware-assisted
transcendental functions and this option will set up for in-line
emulation of such, alleviating the need for trap-based
libraries such as 68040.library or similar vendor supplied
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