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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Actually, incompatibility problems occurred when people shut off the OS and made their own routines that didn't work on other hardware/ROM configs. You know well, you have fixed many such games.
Not quite.

What you have to remember is to many games developers, the Amiga as far as they were concerned was a 68000 based A500, with no consideration for what the Amiga *might* change into in the future, like the Spectrum and C64 before it, there was no thought to the Amiga developing further, hence processor timed loaders and stuff like missing blitter waits.

for software companies, there was no consideration whatsoever for big box Amigas, because they simply didn't generate profit for them.

Problems only really occurred with the A1200 which was well into the life of the Amiga series.

I can assure you though, if the likes of Turrican et all were fully system compliant, people would bitch about how shit the Amiga was.
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