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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
I agree with Akira here. I really think the target should be 68000 ECS 1mb Chip or 68020 AGA 2Mb Chip.

I don't own an AGA machine, but I have at least three friends with A1200s who are always asking me "What good AGA games you know?". I really see a lot of people complaining about the lack of AGA games. So having new AGA games would be really nice for them.

Of course I'd always prefer ECS games so I can play them but I guess some people would love more AGA games.
I dont know how good these numbers are.

But if you look at germany. which is the one of biggest amiga market. Amiga 500 outsold 1200 10 to 1.

Im guessing its similar in the rest of europe.

There are lots and lots of a500 out there, many many people who have an a500 in their basement.. People who might buy a good amiga game out of nostalgia. if they could just insert that floppy and play.
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