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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Although I agree with what you say donnie, I have to question this point

Unless you ran a full survey of Amiga users world wide, this is just not true.
I think there are a lot of A1200s too.

Also A500 configs vary greatly. Some run older kickstarts, some run newer kickstarts, some have 1MB Chip RAM, some 512/512 Chip/Slow, some have an ECS Agnus, some don't...

A "common ground" has to be set, and I think that is probably "an Amiga with 1MB Chip RAM".

I do think that games should be ran on stock hardware though, be it an A500, 600 or 1200. A1200/CD32 stock games are also a very welcome addition that we don't get. Last stock AGA game being developed properly (and still not finished) that I can recall is Mr. Beanbag (where is Mrs. Beanbag? Haven't seen her around here in a long time )

Anyway, yes, there's plenty to be done on plain stock hardware and I hope people exploit that more before requiring you to have expansions.

Thats good enough. My point is just. Target the most common version, and make the game compatible for the rest of them.
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