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Although I agree with what you say donnie, I have to question this point
Originally Posted by donnie View Post
1. amiga 500 as target hardware.
that is 80% of the consumer base
Unless you ran a full survey of Amiga users world wide, this is just not true.
I think there are a lot of A1200s too.

Also A500 configs vary greatly. Some run older kickstarts, some run newer kickstarts, some have 1MB Chip RAM, some 512/512 Chip/Slow, some have an ECS Agnus, some don't...

A "common ground" has to be set, and I think that is probably "an Amiga with 1MB Chip RAM".

I do think that games should be ran on stock hardware though, be it an A500, 600 or 1200. A1200/CD32 stock games are also a very welcome addition that we don't get. Last stock AGA game being developed properly (and still not finished) that I can recall is Mr. Beanbag (where is Mrs. Beanbag? Haven't seen her around here in a long time )

Anyway, yes, there's plenty to be done on plain stock hardware and I hope people exploit that more before requiring you to have expansions.
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