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My little amiga manifesto for new games development.

1. amiga 500 as target hardware.

that is 80% of the consumer base, and 100% can play the game. Only a few have aga equipped hardware, even fewer has accelerators.

2. make games playable and fun from diskette.

Most people dont have hdd, everyone has a disk drive. So keep the disk number as low as possible.Loading and diskswapping sucks ass. And chances are the game will look better if its not as large. There is now way to cheat on a 1 or 2 disk game, you cant throw in big blobs of photshopped crap. Hand pixeling is key. Less disk space means less shit that needs to be loaded that ads nothing. Like intros and what not.

3. 50hz

4. music and sfx at the same time

5. 2 button joystick support.
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