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What they are doing on c64 is truly awesome, so much so that i am buying a c64 now. Eventhough i never owned one. I have to bow to smila. Excellent job. Like i said in some other thread, many of these games are truly professional in their quality. Like oldschool euro games but with modern game mechanics. If they were released back in the day. They would be top 10 c64 games of all time.

These are games running on a standard c64. No bullshit upgrades required.

That is the sad thing about current amiga community. It seems like 90% is trying to get amiga to compete with current pc.. or whatever, i dont know. By porting some crappy pc shooter from 97, that you have to have some souped up a1200 to play. But those are not the type of games that made us love amiga. For me its games like turrican. Games with great hand pixeled art, great playability on a standard amiga, playable from diskette. I dont have the numbers.. but out of the sold amigas at least 80% has to be ocs/ecs esque hardware. This is the amiga audience These are the people who are nostalgic about amiga and will be willing to buy a new amiga game. Fuck they are all in their 40s now, with stable incomes.

Another thing about amiga. Its almost impossible to get games working on it if you are not part of this scene. There is no simple way to get an amiga game of the web and on to your amiga. Simply due to the unconventional disk system. You have to mod you system to get an sdcard/cf-hdd on it. It to much for the average joe looking for a nostalgia kick.

That is why a well made new amiga game on diskette is so attractive. Millions of people can buy a new awesome game dig up their old a500 from the basement, and just play it.
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