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Originally Posted by IvanEBC View Post
Hi Guys.

I have a game that completely refuses to run from Workbench (Old PD game Omega Race). Theres another whole thread about trying to get it to run, never got it going.

But it WILL run if i boot with no startup-sequence from the early boot menu and then manually CD to that directory and run it.

I know some games can do this but i can't find one now that i can copy an example from from but how would an iconx script look that can do this so i can simply, double double the icon in workbench and it reboots the system and starts the game.
Game needs no assigns or rubbish, it just runs as a single executable.


hmm, infact, it isn't that simple is it?
You could use Rebootscript from aminet: Link

Place both Runscript and Writescript in C directory, then add Runscript on top of you startup-sequence.

Just launch your program with: Writescript dh1:games/o/omegarace/omegarace

It will reboot the amiga and run the file.
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