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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Yeah I know, but some people don't want to do that, I am thinking that, if I have the measurements, I can prepare a kit for those unwilling or unprepared to do it themselves.

One part is the button assembly, but there's another part for the screen assembly.

I guess I could ask the case makers for the measurements, since they now have nobody producing a solution for one of the features they made the case for.
Hey Akira - I can take measurements of various portions of the case if interested.. I could send pictures and go from there.

I can also 3D print 'fake boards' or whatever you need to test/verify fit of various things before any parts are committed in any way..

I guess the 3 button relocation is ultimately just desoldering the 3 bottons on the board, and instead using a piece of plastic or something with the 3 buttons on that piece, and then wires between that and the original HxC?

The LCD has a cutout in the board, and I think a way to screw it in.. although it looks like the LCD may need to be separated from the HxC mainboard and placed elsewhere in the case..

(My A1200 KS case is finally screwed together so I can't look right now).
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