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Originally Posted by carrion View Post
As promised here's the link to what I'm up with so far with my 2D platform engine.
It's Blitz basic 2.1 OCS/AGA compatible.
Nothing big but pls check it out and let me know what you think.

When time arrives I'll unveil more and maybe start a separate thread as well.

is it something you are thinking about too?
please forget about the lame and just-for-test-purposes graphics - time will come to improve that.
for now I test my approach to basic collisions and level scrolling.
more things to come - soon.

the "engine" now is not rocket-science - just some basic ideas quickly implemented.
I spend more on the workflow and the tools. and I can elaborate more if you are interested.
No, mine will be more basic, no scrolling whatsoever.

The idea is to get the idea off the ground and developed as quickly as possible, and then release.

More than anything, its a "proof of concept", where a game can be turned around in quick time, people can see the results, and then maybe be inspired to help on a bigger and better project next time around.
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