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ScummVM to start using CLI

Hiya guys.

Its written in the readme, i read the readme, i understand the readme.

Readme says


Each game has a code, listed earlier in the readme... that i read.

Day of the tentacle says "tentacle"

So i open shell, cd to the scummvm dir and type

ScummVM tentacle
also tried
ScummVM 'tentacle' and scummvm [tentacle]

Either way, the drive access's for a few seconds, and i'm return to my CLI prompt with nothing.

I tried a few of the "options" too like
ScummVM -v which is meant to return a version number, but i get nothing.

Is it simply the fact the ScummVM Amiga version doesn't support any type of Command Line options?

Why you ask? Cause i'm trying to setup igame to launch the games and bypass having to load the GUI launcher.
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