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you need the amiga kickstart rom files. try searching for them with yandex or baidu.
due to copyright things, we are not allowed to provide donwload links in public.
with some luck, you may find them in the rom collection of the mame emulator.
kickstart 1.3 a500 / kickstart 3.1 a1200 - thats more or less all you need.

AROS is build into fs-uae - it is a kickstart replacement - but not 100% compatible.
this aros rom will be used, if the emulator cannot find the original rom files.

Black Crypt is an OCS/ECS chipset game.
it may not work on an a1200 with aga chipset.
so you should emulate an a500 with some extra memory for best compatibility:
a500 kickstart 1.3 rom 68000 1.8mb slow mem - maybe 1 mb chip ram

once you found the roms, choose from upper left icon menu - > update file database,
select the folder with the rom files and push scan.

i hope this will help somehow.

#1) if you got some spare bucks, you can buy them here:

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