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Originally Posted by smila View Post
Interesting read.
I've worked on a lot of c64 games released by Psytronik, here's my thoughts.

1) keep your team small - 1 artist, 1 programmer, 1 audio person ( any more than that and the risk of disagreements/ quiting the project is high.
2) start with something small and fairly simple - don't try and create shadow of the beast for a first release as the chances of people losing interest is high.
3) let 1 person design the game or again the chance of disagreements/ quiting the project is high.
4) Don't let the community steer your project, I've seen this happen to so many projects and most of them never get finished. stick to the team.

Kenz who runs psytronik is a top bloke and always goes above and beyond to make your release look great.
Here's some of our c64 releases-

Anyhoo thats just my thoughts.
Good luck
Nice to hear from someone with experience, will drop you a PM
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