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Originally Posted by matthey View Post

The 110k LE Cyclone V is already much bigger than the 40k LE Vampire Cyclone III (those LEs may go further with other resources built into the Cyclone V). I expect it would be big enough for dual core, 68k compatible FPU, virtual MMU, (maybe even integer 128 bit SIMD unit) and of course enhanced Amiga custom chips.
Vampire 2 FPU secret solved for me. 40k LE only. No space for full 68882. Even no space for 68040/68060 FPU style. Too many extra modules for standalone version. Only very easy FPU and incompatible FPU can be added. But it has no sense for me. The only good enough FPU solution for Vampire 2 is SoftFPU (full 68882). Because this is FPGA exist also second option, created different flashes for Cyclone III, one can contains FPU, but without other module(s). Apollo CPU has about 16.5k LE, 68882 FPU (68040/68060 style only) about 10k LE. Only 13.5k LE for other modules in FPGA.
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