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Originally Posted by Xebec View Post
The buttons expansion board is needed for the HxC, making the cutout useless otherwise. Kipper2k's website now only has vampire stuff, nothing else anymore .
You have to take that with kipper2k, the case people have nothing to do with it.
Nowadays it seems silly to have relied upon such a thing existing to make the cutout, but hindsight is 20/20.

kipper2k seems to have abandoned every project that isn't the Vampire, so you're shit out of luck I'd say. Unless someone else comes with the goods.

I don't have one of these cases, but I am guessing it'd be pretty easy to come up with a home made solution, or even create an open source PCB anyone can etch on their own.
Is it just a cable with a board to connect buttons and display ? I'm sure I could make one, I just don't have the measures.
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