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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
When using emulation od 68K on ARM, you need to go JIT to get good speed, but that is one of the reasons UAE does not "feel" right sometimes, because JIT gives you sometimes very high speed and sometimes not.
The main reason UAE does not "feel right" has little to do with CPU emulation, and a whole lot to do with chipset emulation, and most of all - a whole lot to do with the emulator dealing with both CPU and chipset at once, in a serial sequence, and that there typically is an host operating system that also require CPU cycles. The idea with MiSTer is to offload all chipset emulation to FPGA and let the ARM only deal with 68k emulation and various (modern) I/O.

Speaking of something that gives you very high speed sometimes and other times not - Apollo Core is just like that.

On a CycloneV a core like Apollo should outrun a 68k_on_ARM-JIT most of the time. (One could even run both on this board next to each other and see what is faster )
Sure, or pick whichever fits the software best, I have loads of software that most likely never will run well on Apollo Core.

Running in parallel to the ARM would also keep the ARM-side free for things like mp3-decoding (use it as a sound card) or video-decoding. Without slowing down the 68k (except for memory access).
The ARM has two cores available
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