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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
It may be possible to drive a DVI/HDMI display with some expansion I/O pins connected directly to the FPGA as the Vampire SAGA does.
my proposed board has plenty of I/O pins.
but it would be some wasting of the already integrated HDMI port....
Ok - let's go for a dual monitor setup

The 110k LE Cyclone V is already much bigger than the 40k LE Vampire Cyclone III (those LEs may go further with other resources built into the Cyclone V). I expect it would be big enough for dual core, 68k compatible FPU, virtual MMU, (maybe even integer 128 bit SIMD unit) and of course enhanced Amiga custom chips.
that was also my guesstimation.

I want to talk to MikeJ before making any moves. I would like to hear what the big project of A-EON/Hyperion/iComp is first and find out if Cloanto is serious about moving toward an open source AmigaOS. AROS certainly has advantages, especially with multi-core support, but AmigaOS is more efficient, more compatible and smaller.
I would even throw in some money if Cloanto is really into finally open-sourcing it. I probably should not say this, so now they will demand more ... well I said it.
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