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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
I am not sure about the display - writing to a linux frame buffer would eat up quite some bandwidth and performance I guess - so that should be native a soon a possible.
It may be possible to drive a DVI/HDMI display with some expansion I/O pins connected directly to the FPGA as the Vampire SAGA does.

Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
Sure - I am all in for a larger an faster FPGA, but available boards are much more expensive as soon as you go for something bigger.
Not sure how many people are willing to spend 1500€ or more.
The 110k LE Cyclone V is already much bigger than the 40k LE Vampire Cyclone III (those LEs may go further with other resources built into the Cyclone V). I expect it would be big enough for dual core, 68k compatible FPU, virtual MMU, (maybe even integer 128 bit SIMD unit) and of course enhanced Amiga custom chips.

I want to talk to MikeJ before making any moves. I would like to hear what the big project of A-EON/Hyperion/iComp is first and find out if Cloanto is serious about moving toward an open source AmigaOS. AROS certainly has advantages, especially with multi-core support, but AmigaOS is more efficient, more compatible and smaller.
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