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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Well, I wouldnt be so pesimistic. You can see AmigaOne X motherboards been sold by much more than that with success. I would never buy one, but that doesnt mean that some others wont. There is definately a niche market segment for expensive Amigaish toys.
The problem with these boards is: they are much more expensive, but not linear more powerful. Sure - you will have much more LEs on your FPGA, but you need something to fill it with. After AGA+ and Apollo or some other 68K-clone with FPU ... what do you use the space for? Who is going to write all the HDL?
Going multicore would be the logical next step. Getting AOS/AROS to use it is an other thing.

But having a standalone for about 200€ with all licenses and AOS, I guess many many people would say "shut up and take my money!"
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