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Primary apps seem to be SysInfo (for posting screenshots on Facebook) and WHDLoad+A500 games

But I guess you mean after that That's tricky even for normal accelerators where most of the Aminet packages and libs are patched and working. Render with Real3D maybe? At one point there would have been a use for word processing/layout, but paper is gone today.

Basically you can, and have always been able to, do all the normal things on the Amiga as you do on all other computers: drawing, composing, writing, programming. So it's sort of like asking, "I got a brand new laptop. It's good. Now what do I do on it?" The answer is, whatever you like to do

I don't know about web surfing, but a Plipbox should work? With a compatible TCP/IP stack. I have one but I'm not actually using it. I like that my home computers *don't* have a web browser to be distracted by

I saw someone removed the framerate cap on F1GP(?), Stunt Car Racer and 2 more A500 games recently, if you want to try those. Stunt Car Racer looked fairly unplayable though as reaction speed was fractioned and gravity was Jupiter gravity

Or try some demanding thing like a high level language or MusicLine (if the V2 is compatible)?
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