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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
great, well done. mission accomplished, Djole501. Gunnar will award you with a special edition of the standalone,
for silencing a whole forum over his intel killer core.

name someone dumb and even dumber over a dispute vs. being sarcastic should be a difference.
what one may consider as sacrasm is Blast Processing / Really Fastâ„¢.
everything else is what has been told to us.

so this is not allowed anymore?
thanks again DjoleMINION501
And this is totally adult and mature way to calm down the flame. Not provoking at all.
Well it must be since the mods have left it be.

So whenever someone writes something in support of Apollo team we will call him a minion, and ask what he got from Gunnar.

And if someone criticizes Apollo we'll call him.. let's say henchman and ask what he got from Jens for ruining his competition.

Don't forget to spit at members who are banned and cannot reply. That's an extra bonus.

Did I get everything right? This is the way to go?
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