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Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
his apollo-core works only on vampire fpga.
What other 68k FPGA project could be use his core?
MiniMig? Mist? FPGA Arcade?

no it's mean about 250 Mhz (so 200, 220, 210 Mhz)..
MiniMig, MiST and FPGArcade Replay boards do not use Altera FPGAs. Most of those use Xylinx. The Cyclone 3 is at the end of its production life (think clearance backstock) and soon there will be no more. Rumor has it that the Cyclone 5 will be used for future models and will gain some space because it is a more modern design.

Disclaimer: I have not been in contact with Gunnar for several weeks now so I can't verify my hypotheses at this time.
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