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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
Well, if you are old enough to dish out criticism, then you are able to take some in return. Have you ever watched the British parliament in a debate?

A working compromise could be moving the whole thread to "OT - General" or similar when the debate heats up, since many times these threads tend to go "off topic". That's fine IMHO.
Thats up to the original poster of a thread. If its NOT in the OFF TOPIC section, then posters should treat it ON TOPIC.

And the whole "Sides" argument is an artifical argument/construct that only applies if one has very strong monetary intrest. Given the amount of workhours vs return that doesnt apply in this case for sure.

And the British Parliament is filled with people that are groomed to do a trick and phoney show (mispelling intended), as there are strong monetary intrest involved. They WANT to argue, or as I see it, throw red herrings at the electorate.

Anyhow; Im breaking my own point by going OFF TOPIC, so this is my last post on this.
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