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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
And I think the banned dude's post had that goal, Robbie. I certainly did not mean to attack anyone by replying to it, if I need to clarify.
Grelbfarlk may have just been cracking an ill timed joke too.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
When there are a bunch of people fighting over something and things are escalating quickly into personal attacks and shit like that, some of us try to de-escalate by trying to relax and make a joke. Have none of you ever done that in real life to try to get two people to stop a nasty argument or worse?
Also this has been usually a good way to cool things off at EAB and keeping the moderator team free of having to do nasty shit like what is happening now. The board has a history of being very well self-policed by its own users.
This is why I considered it better to be tolerant and allow some abuse rather than get the mods involved. Personal attacks are not productive but it also becomes more difficult to communicate when tiptoeing around subjects or comments that may be judged to be unacceptable. A few poor judgments by mods and the forum could have the feel of oppressive censorship.
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