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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
So none of the 1985 games were ever cracked or got cracktros? Or did they get them later?
What about Archon?
Oh! yes, yes, of course. Were cracked but without cracktro. Although many of the first titles had no protection system. Rob Northen did not know the Amiga yet. XD

Anyway think that in 1985 an Amiga A1000 was for a small minority. 1300$ (about 3000$ nowadays) There was not much scene yet. And the lack of technical information did not help either.
To this, it is necessary to add that in the beginning the A1000 was tried to introduce in USA. And as we know there few crackers or groups of the scene in USA. Until it was implanted little by little in Europe we could not see some movement in the crack-scene.

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