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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
How about a fair compromise that should satisfy everyone.
1) Refer to the 68080 as a 68EC080 or 68EC080 w/MMX+HT+Blast Processing
2) Any time speed measurements are mentioned say it's Really Fast™!
3) Any time speed measurements are mentioned as a comparison to vintage Amiga Accelerators say up to one quarter as fast as an 060 in Floating Point performance.
4) Say whattya gonna do up a PCI bus on an A500? No Way that's happening-everyone just be cool and not let Elbox see this.
5) Never mention Apollo core-at all-anymore. Just say Vampire 2 for A600/A500. Just so we don't hear "Oh well we meant that on some future Apollo core project from the Apollo team-no we don't mean the ACT accelerators we mean on the Phoenix board-no not the A1000 motherboard replacement either, we're talking about something that doesn't resemble anything that is currently shipping or has ever shipped to Amiga end users."
6) Bask in the peace and stability of intellectually honest Amiga forums.
So did you not see the prior post the mods put up about inflammatory remarks? Because this is what causes inflammatory remarks.
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