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Just in case anyone was not really clear / listening to what we said earlier in another "Vampire" thread; let me quote the important stuff:

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post

Here we go again. I really, really, really don't have the time to be trying to clean up this constant fighting. I have enough to do on EAB already.

I do not and will not take sides but it's a moderation nightmare, how does one even attempt to control this mess

...and please people, don't be reporting each others' posts when one person says something that you don't like and then you retaliate and a flame war ensues etc.

Again, if you cannot get along I will just close the thread as I don't have hours free to deal with this constant shite.

Last warning to all involved, keep on topic without name calling / fighting etc. We as Global Moderators have discussed this, if it doesn't stop then we will start giving repeat offenders 1 / 2 week bans; unfortunately there's nothing else left to do...
Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Maybe, maybe not... Again, we are not taking sides.

Anyway, just cleaning / closing threads hasn't stopped this issue from constantly re-occurring so, as mentioned above, we will be trialing a different method until things improve... and that's handing out bans

No more warnings to all involved, you will just receive a ban. End of story!!!
@Djole501; more than 2 people have reported your post in this thread. Congratulations; you are our first contestant to earn a well deserved 2 week holiday from EAB

Keep it up people; the game show must go on!!! Who's going to be the next winner?!?
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