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Originally Posted by TrashyMG View Post
And what false statements is there? He's likely comparing it to a 68040 sans FPU, so the "guestimation" is true enough.
Which is a 68EC040.

Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Gorf, the symbol "~" before the 250 MHz 68040 means that it's "roughly equivalent to," not that it is equal to. So in that sense, it's correct.
Why not use 250MHz 68EC040 and be more exact then?

Originally Posted by Djole501 View Post
@Gorf Are u just dumb or playing dumb ? You know very well what Apollo core is, what it offers and what it doesnt. Do you really need to read every word on Gunnars site and feel misled while you know all the facts ? Or are you really worried about his potential customers ? Let him worry about his customers, if you feel cheated as a customer i am sure you can get a refund or some other solution. He banned you, get over it. He can call his core what ever he feels like, 68080, 68100, 68160.... 68STFU080, whatever he feels like and there is nothing you can change about that. Some of you just seem to watch his every word and search for "lies", let the man work, he delivers, cant you see that ?
I'm sorry. It has not been clear to me what is in the Apollo Core and I should know having been in the Apollo Team. It is not like I can read the documentation as I have not seen proper documentation. It is not as if anyone can ask certain questions without getting put down. There are already 2 people from the FPU thread who were excited about the Apollo Core and who are now disillusioned by responses. There is at least one more from the deleted FPU thread. There are problems with the standards which are being created which limit future progress. Let's just ignore all the problems though .
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